September 13, 2016

Andrew Scheer, MP for Regina- Qu'Appelle released the following statement today:

"I am announcing today that I am resigning as House Leader of the Conservative caucus. My consultations about a possible run for the Conservative Leadership have been very encouraging and I would like to continue to explore the feasibility of such an endeavor. As the House returns next week, I believe it is more appropriate for me to continue in these efforts outside of a caucus leadership position.

I would like to thank our Leader Rona Ambrose for trusting me with this important role for the last 10 months. It was an honour to serve alongside her as our party rebuilds and works towards the next election.

Without a doubt, this has been one of the most effective oppositions in recent memory. We have a great team of critics and I enjoyed working with each and every one of them as we held the Liberals to account for their wasteful spending and mismanagement.

I will continue to explore the possibility of a leadership bid and will make a decision in the coming weeks."

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For more information, please contact Kenzie Potter at 613-301-0917.

Andrew Scheer, député de Regina- Qu'Appelle a fait la déclaration suivante aujourd'hui:

« Je souhaite annoncer que je démissionne de mon rôle de leader à la Chambre du caucus conservateur. Mes consultations en vue de me porter candidat à la direction du Parti conservateur ont été très encourageantes et je souhaite continuer d'explorer la possibilité de me lancer dans cette aventure. Étant donné que la Chambre reprend ses travaux la semaine prochaine, je crois qu'il est plus approprié pour moi de continuer à examiner mes chances sans occuper mes fonctions de leader du caucus.
Je souhaite remercier la chef intérimaire du parti, Rona Ambrose, de m'avoir fait confiance et de m'avoir confié ce rôle important au cours des dix derniers mois. Ce fut un honneur de servir à ses côtés durant la reconstruction de notre parti et en vue de la prochaine élection.

Il ne fait aucun doute que l'opposition actuelle est l'une des plus efficaces de l'histoire récente. Nous pouvons compter sur une solide équipe de porte-parole, et j'ai aimé travailler avec chacun d'entre eux à exiger des comptes de la part des libéraux pour mettre fin au gaspillage et à la mauvaise gestion.

Je souhaite continuer à explorer la possibilité de me présenter comme candidat à la direction du parti et je compte prendre une décision au cours des semaines à venir. »

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Pour l'information:
Kenzie Potter 613.301.0917

July 28, 2016


Layoffs at Evraz the direct result of Liberal/NDP opposition to energy pipelines

OTTAWA, July 28, 2016 — Regina-Qu’Appelle MP Andrew Scheer is extending his sympathies to the Evraz steel workers laid off due to the Trudeau government’s refusal to support the energy sector, and especially due to Liberal dithering on pipelines like Northern Gateway and Energy East.

“The Trudeau government continues to ignore Canada’s natural resources industry, and these layoffs are yet another concrete illustration that ordinary Saskatchewan families are paying the price,” said Scheer. “When Parliament was asked to support pipelines like Energy East as a safe and environmentally friendly way of transporting oil and gas , Liberal Ralph Goodale and NDP MP Erin Weir betrayed their constituents, fell into line with their bosses in Ottawa, and voted against the motion.”

An Evraz North America spokesperson stated that the layoffs are substantially the result of delays in pipeline approvals, and that the workers could be brought back to work “when conditions improve”. The Trudeau government’s interference with the pipeline review process is the source of these unnecessary delays.

“The families of steel workers who manufacture pipe for the energy industry can no longer wait for the Trudeau government to get its act together,” said Scheer. “The 125 production workers being laid off as of August 7 are merely the latest casualties of the Liberal/NDP campaign against Canada’s energy industry, which has already claimed thousands of energy jobs in Saskatchewan alone.”

Uncertainty and additional layers of red tape surrounding the Trudeau government’s pipeline review process is chasing away investment in Saskatchewan, resulting in the loss of jobs and undermining energy firms that compete globally.

June 16, 2016


Liberal Natural Resources Minister scoffs that it’s Saskatchewan’s problem

OTTAWA, June 16, 2016 — Regina-Qu’Appelle MP Andrew Scheer is adding his voice of support to Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall’s request for federal funding for cleaning up non-producing oil wells.

“The downturn in the oil and gas sector has left many western Canadians without work,” said Scheer in Question Period today. “Shamefully, the Liberals want to increase taxes on job creators and keep the industry down indefinitely.”

Premier Wall has proposed that Ottawa provide $156 million in funding for a program to decommission and reclaim over 1,000 non-producing wells. This program could result in over 1,200 direct and indirect jobs for energy workers at a time when the oil and gas industry is reeling from layoffs.

“They continue to ignore a ready-made solution: clean up decommissioned oil and gas wells,” said Scheer. “Cleaning up these wells would put unemployed Canadians back to work, retain expertise and create economic and environmental benefits.”

The Liberal Natural Resources Minister, Jim Carr, scoffed at the suggestion.

“It is the responsibility of those who created the problem in the first place to clean it up,” said Carr.

June 06, 2016


Your Conservative team has been hard at work during this spring session to stand up for taxpayers and hold the Trudeau Liberal government to account.  Even though the Trudeau Liberals unfailingly use their Parliamentary majority to impose their agenda on the House of Commons, there are key areas where your Conservative Opposition is winning for Canadians.

Early this year, it became clear Trudeau’s Liberals would try their best to blame their own out-of-control deficit spending on the previous Conservative government.  Despite the obvious facts, and even though experts like the Parliamentary Budget Officer and the entire Department of Finance acknowledged that the Conservatives left a surplus, Finance Minister Bill Morneau was determined to create a deficit where none previously existed.

In every month since October’s election, the Department of Finance’s Fiscal Monitor turned up a budgetary surplus. That resulted in a culminated surplus of $7.5 billion for the 11 months from April 2015 until February 2016. In order to make sure that the books showed a deficit at the end of the fiscal year, Trudeau’s Liberal would have to spend over $7.5 billion in the month of March alone.

Obviously, Trudeau’s Finance Minister was up to the challenge, running up the largest single-month deficit for March in over eleven years.

That’s how far they’re willing to go to satisfy Trudeau’s narrative, but through some great work by your Conservative Opposition in Question Period and in Parliamentary committees, Canadians are learning just how far Trudeau’s Liberals will go to obscure what’s really going on.

In his April report on the Liberal Budget, the Parliamentary Budget Officer wrote that rather than keeping their promises of transparency and openness, the Liberals are making it even more difficult for parliamentarians to scrutinize the public finances. John Ivison of the National Post called their tactics, “about as transparent as Vladimir Putin’s bank records.” Even the CBC reported that the Liberal budget projections “don’t add up.”

Clearly, our efforts to show Canadians how Trudeau’s Liberals actually mismanage your hard-earned tax dollars is working. We are successfully defending the strong fiscal record of the previous Conservative government, and Trudeau’s performance simply doesn’t measure up.

Our team has also done some great work on the trade file.  The previous Conservative government signed a record number of trade deals, opening new markets for agricultural producers and manufacturers.  One of our last acts as a government was to sign the historic Trans-Pacific Partnership. This massive trade deal would provide Canadians access to a market of almost 800 million consumers with a combined GDP of $29 trillion, could boost Canadian exports by $15.7 billion, and could increase Canada’s GDP by $9.9 billion

In the House we are holding the government’s feet to the fire to ensure that this trade treaty is ratified.  If Trudeau’s Liberals allow Canada to be shut out of this important deal, we’ll lose billions of dollars in business to other countries all across the Pacific who will prove they’re even more open to trade than we are, and many hard-working Canadians would lose their jobs.

In all these different areas, your Conservative MP’s have been so effective that the Liberals tried to shut the Opposition out completely with their infamous Motion #6.

This motion would have stripped the opposition parties of every tool we have to hold Trudeau’s government to account, merely because he doesn’t feel his Parliamentary majority is quite enough for him to get his own way without having to answer to the concerns of Canadians.

This motion would have deprived the opposition parties the ability to properly study bills, to propose other topics of debate, and to amend new laws.

Imagine if half way through a hockey game, the home team told the visitors that they had to play the rest of the game without their sticks. That is what the Liberals tried to do to the Opposition.

The Ottawa Citizen called Motion Number Six a “procedural hammer to smack down opposition dissent.” CTV News called it an attempt to “seize full control of the House of Commons.” Even the CBC called it an attempt to “give the Liberals new and largely unchecked powers.”

Luckily for Canadians, the Liberals withdrew the motion in embarrassment after the Prime Minister’s disgracefully violent display in the House of Commons, but it’s not the end of their attempts to short-circuit Canadian democracy.

Trudeau is now moving beyond merely trying to rig the rules of Parliament. He is now bent and determined to unilaterally rewrite the very rules of how Canadians elect their government in the first place.

He has a plan to replace our voting system with one that solely benefits the Liberal party, and he wants to do it without your consent! If Trudeau’s reaction to not getting his own way in the House of Commons is to eliminate any rule he doesn’t like, imagine what he’s capable of doing to how you elect  your government.

Your Conservative Opposition will not let this happen.

April 27, 2016


Vote against Energy East, LEAP Manifesto shows true NDP position.

REGINA-QU’APPELLE — Regina-Qu’Appelle MP Andrew Scheer expressed disappointment at the hypocrisy of NDP MP Erin Weir claiming to stand up for Regina steelworkers only a few months after voting against the Energy East pipeline and so soon after the NDP has endorsed the radical, job-killing LEAP Manifesto.

“It’s a bit rich for Mr. Weir to claim to be fighting for Regina steelworkers after he voted against their interests. He had a chance to stand up and support Energy East and the thousands of steel making jobs that would come with it. Instead, he voted against it. Unfortunately, he seems to be listening to the extreme left-wing of his party," said Scheer.

"Whatever credibility the NDP had left on pipeline manufacturing was completely destroyed when their party endorsed the LEAP Manifesto. That plan would see the oil and gas left in the ground, impose a carbon tax and would mean that not a single new kilometre of pipeline could be built. How does Mr. Weir explain that to the steel workers in Regina?"

Under the previous Conservative government four major pipelines were approved and built across Canada, with a fifth approved but killed by the new Liberal government.

"Our approach was balanced between environmental concerns and the need to move energy safely and securely. Our party supported the pipeline industry by actually approving pipelines."

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March 22, 2016


Massive new borrowing that future generations will have to pay back, with no plan for job creation.

OTTAWA — Today’s Budget confirms that the Trudeau Liberals are raising taxes on families, youth and small businesses. Despite spending nearly $30 billion in borrowed money, the Liberal budget has no clear plan to help get unemployed Canadians back to work.

According to Regina-Qu’Appelle MP Andrew Scheer, the Trudeau Liberals are borrowing and spending tens of billions of taxpayer dollars, and to pay the bill, they are raising taxes on families, workers and job-creating businesses.

The Liberals also decided to scrap popular middle-class tax cuts. They eliminated the children’s fitness credit, the universal child care benefit, and tax fairness for married couples.

“When it comes to spending taxpayer money, the Liberals just can’t help themselves,” said Scheer. “Hard working families in Saskatchewan should be very concerned that the Trudeau scheme simply grows the size of government and will do nothing to actually create jobs.”

“This isn’t a real plan to create jobs,” said Scheer. “Instead the Liberals are handing money from one politician to another, raising taxes on businesses, and driving jobs and investment away. Businesses will not invest in the Canadian economy if they do not know the cost of doing business.”

The budget also failed to address the challenges facing Saskatchewan. More than 100,000 Canadians from across the country are out of work in the oil and gas industry alone. 
Canada`s unemployment rate has increased for three consecutive months, yet there were no measures in the budget to help get those people back to work.

“The Conservatives left the Liberal Government with a $3 billion surplus, and we were focused on keeping taxes low and supporting policies that helped create more than a million jobs. Conservatives know the recipe for job creation and economic growth: low taxes, free trade and spending taxpayer money responsibly.”

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March 01, 2016


Calls on Justin Trudeau to keep his promise to let the NEB “do their job”.

REGINA-QU’APPELLE – Reacting to the government of Quebec’s announcement that it will seek an injunction against the Energy East pipeline project, Regina-Qu’Appelle MP Andrew Scheer today called on Justin Trudeau to stand by his promise to allow the National Energy Board to “do their job”.

“This sort of political interference in the regulatory process is precisely what Justin Trudeau promised he was trying to prevent,” said Scheer.

In February, at a roundtable discussion in Calgary, Prime Minister Trudeau claimed to support the current regulatory process.

"It's important that we have confidence in our regulators,” said Trudeau on February 4. “It's important they do their job and we're going to allow them to do their job without political interference."

According to Scheer, an injunction by the government of Quebec qualifies as “political interference”.

“Canadians were told that avoiding this sort of political interference was precisely why the Liberals added additional hurdles to the National Energy Board process,” said Scheer. “Justin Trudeau needs to stand by his promises and stand up to the political interference he claims to abhor.”

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February 19, 2016


Argues that periods of economic uncertainty are the worst time to impose new taxes

OTTAWA – Regina-Qu’Appelle MP Andrew Scheer today called on the Trudeau government to honour their promises to “work with provinces” by allowing Saskatchewan to opt-out of any job-killing carbon tax regime.

“A new national carbon tax would devastate all aspects of the economy, making Canadians pay more for everything they buy, and it will drive out investment,” said Scheer in Question Period today. “Premier Brad Wall has warned that this new tax would hurt economic growth and cost jobs across the country. Saskatchewan has indicated it wants no part of this job-killing scheme.”

On Thursday, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall flatly rejected the Trudeau government’s plan to impose a job-killing carbon tax that would be at least $15 a tonne. In Ottawa, Scheer echoed Premier Wall’s concerns.

“The absolute worse thing one can do during an economic downturn is to burden Canadians with higher taxes. The proposed national carbon tax would kneecap the energy sector,” said Scheer. “Canadians out of work across the country expect the government to grow the economy, not add additional burdens. This is a terrible idea that could not come at a worse time.”

February 01, 2016


OTTAWA – Today the House of Commons voted on the Conservative motion to express its support for the Energy East pipeline. Justin Trudeau has said in the House that the Liberal government will vote against the motion. Regina-Qu’Appelle MP Andrew Scheer called on Regina MPs Ralph Goodale and Erin Weir to stand up today and vote to support pipeline jobs in Regina.

“Both Mr. Goodale and Mr. Weir represent constituents whose jobs depend on these projects being approved. Those jobs are put at risk if Energy East is rejected,” said Scheer.

Concerns have been expressed that the Liberal Government is creating new regulatory hurdles, without any environmental benefit, that will make it harder for projects to be approved.

“We know that the Trudeau government is philosophically opposed to the development of our energy sector and the jobs that come with it,” said Scheer. “Now is the time for Mr. Goodale and Mr. Weir to show leadership on this issue and assure hard-working constituents in their own ridings that they are fully behind the Energy East pipeline.”

“They need to vote the way their constituents want, not the way their party Leaders want.”

The full text of the Conservative motion is as follows:

That, given this time of economic uncertainty, the House: (a) recognize the importance of the energy sector to the Canadian economy and support its development in an environmentally sustainable way; (b) agree that pipelines are the safest way to transport oil; (c) acknowledge the desire for the Energy East pipeline expressed by the provincial governments of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and New Brunswick; and (d) express its support for the Energy East pipeline currently under consideration.