February 19, 2016


Argues that periods of economic uncertainty are the worst time to impose new taxes

OTTAWA – Regina-Qu’Appelle MP Andrew Scheer today called on the Trudeau government to honour their promises to “work with provinces” by allowing Saskatchewan to opt-out of any job-killing carbon tax regime.

“A new national carbon tax would devastate all aspects of the economy, making Canadians pay more for everything they buy, and it will drive out investment,” said Scheer in Question Period today. “Premier Brad Wall has warned that this new tax would hurt economic growth and cost jobs across the country. Saskatchewan has indicated it wants no part of this job-killing scheme.”

On Thursday, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall flatly rejected the Trudeau government’s plan to impose a job-killing carbon tax that would be at least $15 a tonne. In Ottawa, Scheer echoed Premier Wall’s concerns.

“The absolute worse thing one can do during an economic downturn is to burden Canadians with higher taxes. The proposed national carbon tax would kneecap the energy sector,” said Scheer. “Canadians out of work across the country expect the government to grow the economy, not add additional burdens. This is a terrible idea that could not come at a worse time.”

February 01, 2016


OTTAWA – Today the House of Commons voted on the Conservative motion to express its support for the Energy East pipeline. Justin Trudeau has said in the House that the Liberal government will vote against the motion. Regina-Qu’Appelle MP Andrew Scheer called on Regina MPs Ralph Goodale and Erin Weir to stand up today and vote to support pipeline jobs in Regina.

“Both Mr. Goodale and Mr. Weir represent constituents whose jobs depend on these projects being approved. Those jobs are put at risk if Energy East is rejected,” said Scheer.

Concerns have been expressed that the Liberal Government is creating new regulatory hurdles, without any environmental benefit, that will make it harder for projects to be approved.

“We know that the Trudeau government is philosophically opposed to the development of our energy sector and the jobs that come with it,” said Scheer. “Now is the time for Mr. Goodale and Mr. Weir to show leadership on this issue and assure hard-working constituents in their own ridings that they are fully behind the Energy East pipeline.”

“They need to vote the way their constituents want, not the way their party Leaders want.”

The full text of the Conservative motion is as follows:

That, given this time of economic uncertainty, the House: (a) recognize the importance of the energy sector to the Canadian economy and support its development in an environmentally sustainable way; (b) agree that pipelines are the safest way to transport oil; (c) acknowledge the desire for the Energy East pipeline expressed by the provincial governments of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and New Brunswick; and (d) express its support for the Energy East pipeline currently under consideration.