July 28, 2016


Layoffs at Evraz the direct result of Liberal/NDP opposition to energy pipelines

OTTAWA, July 28, 2016 — Regina-Qu’Appelle MP Andrew Scheer is extending his sympathies to the Evraz steel workers laid off due to the Trudeau government’s refusal to support the energy sector, and especially due to Liberal dithering on pipelines like Northern Gateway and Energy East.

“The Trudeau government continues to ignore Canada’s natural resources industry, and these layoffs are yet another concrete illustration that ordinary Saskatchewan families are paying the price,” said Scheer. “When Parliament was asked to support pipelines like Energy East as a safe and environmentally friendly way of transporting oil and gas , Liberal Ralph Goodale and NDP MP Erin Weir betrayed their constituents, fell into line with their bosses in Ottawa, and voted against the motion.”

An Evraz North America spokesperson stated that the layoffs are substantially the result of delays in pipeline approvals, and that the workers could be brought back to work “when conditions improve”. The Trudeau government’s interference with the pipeline review process is the source of these unnecessary delays.

“The families of steel workers who manufacture pipe for the energy industry can no longer wait for the Trudeau government to get its act together,” said Scheer. “The 125 production workers being laid off as of August 7 are merely the latest casualties of the Liberal/NDP campaign against Canada’s energy industry, which has already claimed thousands of energy jobs in Saskatchewan alone.”

Uncertainty and additional layers of red tape surrounding the Trudeau government’s pipeline review process is chasing away investment in Saskatchewan, resulting in the loss of jobs and undermining energy firms that compete globally.