April 27, 2016


Vote against Energy East, LEAP Manifesto shows true NDP position.

REGINA-QU’APPELLE — Regina-Qu’Appelle MP Andrew Scheer expressed disappointment at the hypocrisy of NDP MP Erin Weir claiming to stand up for Regina steelworkers only a few months after voting against the Energy East pipeline and so soon after the NDP has endorsed the radical, job-killing LEAP Manifesto.

“It’s a bit rich for Mr. Weir to claim to be fighting for Regina steelworkers after he voted against their interests. He had a chance to stand up and support Energy East and the thousands of steel making jobs that would come with it. Instead, he voted against it. Unfortunately, he seems to be listening to the extreme left-wing of his party," said Scheer.

"Whatever credibility the NDP had left on pipeline manufacturing was completely destroyed when their party endorsed the LEAP Manifesto. That plan would see the oil and gas left in the ground, impose a carbon tax and would mean that not a single new kilometre of pipeline could be built. How does Mr. Weir explain that to the steel workers in Regina?"

Under the previous Conservative government four major pipelines were approved and built across Canada, with a fifth approved but killed by the new Liberal government.

"Our approach was balanced between environmental concerns and the need to move energy safely and securely. Our party supported the pipeline industry by actually approving pipelines."

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