June 06, 2016


Your Conservative team has been hard at work during this spring session to stand up for taxpayers and hold the Trudeau Liberal government to account.  Even though the Trudeau Liberals unfailingly use their Parliamentary majority to impose their agenda on the House of Commons, there are key areas where your Conservative Opposition is winning for Canadians.

Early this year, it became clear Trudeau’s Liberals would try their best to blame their own out-of-control deficit spending on the previous Conservative government.  Despite the obvious facts, and even though experts like the Parliamentary Budget Officer and the entire Department of Finance acknowledged that the Conservatives left a surplus, Finance Minister Bill Morneau was determined to create a deficit where none previously existed.

In every month since October’s election, the Department of Finance’s Fiscal Monitor turned up a budgetary surplus. That resulted in a culminated surplus of $7.5 billion for the 11 months from April 2015 until February 2016. In order to make sure that the books showed a deficit at the end of the fiscal year, Trudeau’s Liberal would have to spend over $7.5 billion in the month of March alone.

Obviously, Trudeau’s Finance Minister was up to the challenge, running up the largest single-month deficit for March in over eleven years.

That’s how far they’re willing to go to satisfy Trudeau’s narrative, but through some great work by your Conservative Opposition in Question Period and in Parliamentary committees, Canadians are learning just how far Trudeau’s Liberals will go to obscure what’s really going on.

In his April report on the Liberal Budget, the Parliamentary Budget Officer wrote that rather than keeping their promises of transparency and openness, the Liberals are making it even more difficult for parliamentarians to scrutinize the public finances. John Ivison of the National Post called their tactics, “about as transparent as Vladimir Putin’s bank records.” Even the CBC reported that the Liberal budget projections “don’t add up.”

Clearly, our efforts to show Canadians how Trudeau’s Liberals actually mismanage your hard-earned tax dollars is working. We are successfully defending the strong fiscal record of the previous Conservative government, and Trudeau’s performance simply doesn’t measure up.

Our team has also done some great work on the trade file.  The previous Conservative government signed a record number of trade deals, opening new markets for agricultural producers and manufacturers.  One of our last acts as a government was to sign the historic Trans-Pacific Partnership. This massive trade deal would provide Canadians access to a market of almost 800 million consumers with a combined GDP of $29 trillion, could boost Canadian exports by $15.7 billion, and could increase Canada’s GDP by $9.9 billion

In the House we are holding the government’s feet to the fire to ensure that this trade treaty is ratified.  If Trudeau’s Liberals allow Canada to be shut out of this important deal, we’ll lose billions of dollars in business to other countries all across the Pacific who will prove they’re even more open to trade than we are, and many hard-working Canadians would lose their jobs.

In all these different areas, your Conservative MP’s have been so effective that the Liberals tried to shut the Opposition out completely with their infamous Motion #6.

This motion would have stripped the opposition parties of every tool we have to hold Trudeau’s government to account, merely because he doesn’t feel his Parliamentary majority is quite enough for him to get his own way without having to answer to the concerns of Canadians.

This motion would have deprived the opposition parties the ability to properly study bills, to propose other topics of debate, and to amend new laws.

Imagine if half way through a hockey game, the home team told the visitors that they had to play the rest of the game without their sticks. That is what the Liberals tried to do to the Opposition.

The Ottawa Citizen called Motion Number Six a “procedural hammer to smack down opposition dissent.” CTV News called it an attempt to “seize full control of the House of Commons.” Even the CBC called it an attempt to “give the Liberals new and largely unchecked powers.”

Luckily for Canadians, the Liberals withdrew the motion in embarrassment after the Prime Minister’s disgracefully violent display in the House of Commons, but it’s not the end of their attempts to short-circuit Canadian democracy.

Trudeau is now moving beyond merely trying to rig the rules of Parliament. He is now bent and determined to unilaterally rewrite the very rules of how Canadians elect their government in the first place.

He has a plan to replace our voting system with one that solely benefits the Liberal party, and he wants to do it without your consent! If Trudeau’s reaction to not getting his own way in the House of Commons is to eliminate any rule he doesn’t like, imagine what he’s capable of doing to how you elect  your government.

Your Conservative Opposition will not let this happen.