January 24, 2017


REGINA-QU’APPELLE, January 24, 2017 - Andrew Scheer, M.P. for Regina-Qu’Appelle condemned the NDP position on the Keystone XL project. After President Trump issued an executive order allowing the pipeline to proceed, NDP leader Thomas Mulcair called on Canada to veto the project saying that Keystone was a "massive error."

Scheer responded “Today was a great day for hard-working Canadians across the country. The approval of Keystone will lead to new access to U.S. markets, better prices for Canadian energy, and new jobs across the country. Regina’s own Evraz Steel has been involved in this project. That is why it is so enraging to see the NDP calling for its cancellation. They are once again selling out Canadian workers.

“I call on Regina NDP MP Erin Weir to publicly denounce his leader’s statements. Will he listen to the hundreds of steelworkers in his own riding? Or will he listen to his Ottawa boss, Thomas Mulcair,” Scheer said.