REGINA, September 24, 2020 — The Honorable Andrew Scheer issued the following statement in reply to the Speech From The Throne:

“After shutting down Parliament to hide from his scandal, Justin Trudeau had an opportunity to lay out a plan to help Canadians. There is only more disappointment ahead from this Liberal Government.

“The people of Saskatchewan were left out of his throne speech. It is extremely frustrating. I was hoping that there would be some kind of a signal to our province that this government would change course and answer the challenges facing Western Canada. All he has done is hurt national unity even more.

“Thousands of energy workers, steel workers, skilled tradesmen and women have lost their jobs because of Trudeau’s policies. He cancelled the Northern Gateway project and killed Energy East. This has threatened thousands of jobs right here in Regina, at the Evraz steel mill, in addition to all the direct and indirect industries.

“Canada cannot fully recover without Canadian energy getting to markets. We need pipelines, we need infrastructure, we need our oil to move.

“Trudeau has also once again shown his contempt for Saskatchewan farmers. He left out the agricultural producers and ranchers from his priorities. There was no message of hope for an industry that was already hit so hard last year by the “Harvest from Hell.”

“Worse yet, Trudeau doubled-down on his carbon tax. Many producers were forced to dry their grain last year, and they had to pay the carbon tax on top of their gas bill. Other industries, along with big corporate emitters received a special exemption from the carbon tax. Meaning big companies got a break, while hard working Canadians paid the bill. It is neither fair nor environmental. Unfortunately, once again there was no such exemption in the Throne Speech for farmers.

“Trudeau failed to respond to any of the issues raised by Premier Scott Moe. The premier had listed a number of practical ideas that would help address Western alienation and address the needs of our province. Once again, Trudeau has ignored us. We will not support Trudeau’s government, we will continue to fight for you.”

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